Koala and Snail

Koala - Page 1

This is Koala.  He is upset. It is raining and his umbrella has broken

page 2

But then he saw a snail looking for puddles of water.  Snail was very thirsty as it had not rained for days

page 3

Koala decided to help and started to build a well to collect more water for Snail

page 4

But as soon as Koala had finished the well, the sun came up and Snail had disappeared


Koala waited for several days to see Snail again.  Then all of a sudden Snail appeared and drank some water from the well that Koala had built


Snail was so happy and bought Koala a present.  Can you guess what it was?


It was a brand new Umbrella! Koala was happy and made a new friend